Ab Workout


Everyone wants them… but why are they so hard to get? So much has to do with diet, but hopefully I can help you get a kick start to a flatter tummy with some helpful ab exercises! I’ve been slacking in the fitness department and indulging over the holiday. My goal for 2018 is to put my health first and break a sweat at least 3-4 times/week. Now, because of all of you, I am hoping we can keep each other motivated to get fit, feel strong, and be healthy this year!

Here is an ab exercise I typically do a couple times a week… best part is you only need a box!

  1. Half moon crunches 20 REPS
  2. Bicycle forward 20 SEC.
  3. Bicycle backwards 20 SEC.
  4. Plank knee to opposite elbow 20 REPS
  5. Toe touches (feet elevated) 20 REPS
  6. Hip drops ( right/ left ) 15 REPS (each side)




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