Skin Regimen

I’ve always been very open and honest about the fact that I don’t want to get older… mostly because I don’t want to LOOK older. Now that I’m 27 years old, I have to come to terms with the fact that I need to start taking care of my skin. With that, I find myself googling “how to prevent aging” or “skin care for your 20s” and it can get a little a little overwhelming. That was until I was introduced to a skincare line that made youthful, healthy, glowing skin easy to achieve and maintain.

Let me introduce: Skin Regimen, healthy skin has no age. I had never heard of the line until I sampled it, and I’m kinda in love.

It’s a skincare system, clinically proven to reduce the effects of stress and lifestyle aging on both the skin and mind. Hear the choir singing? I don’t know about you, but sometimes my job can be extremely stressful– and it shows on my face, and no one wants that. What’s great about this line is that it is meant for the modern multitaskers, who lived fast-paced lives.  It’s formulated to work at the cellular level, recreating and maintaining the optimal conditions for healthy, youthful, glowy skin while empowering the min-skin-stress-response.

YES, mind/ skin empowerment is a thing. Skincare can empower you from the inside out. So improving your mind can improve your skin. According to Prof. Andrea Sgoifo Stress Psychologist of the University of Parma, Skin Regimen has been clinically proven to improve stress response.

Here is what I tried out: ( WARNING: get’s a little scientific…)

  • 1.5 retinol booster— wrinkle concentrate: apply a few drops on the face and evening. It is a concentrate of encapsulated retinol and sylibin (the powerhouse of milk thistle extract is silymarin, an antioxidant that protects against cell damage), a natural alternative to retinoic acid (mediates the functions of vitamin A required for growth and development), for maximum efficacy, tolerability and bioavailability. Effective on wrinkles and imperfections, for an intensive renewing action.
  • 10.0 tulsi booster— nourishing protective oil: apply a few drops on the face after cream. It’s an adaptogenic ingredient used in Ayurvedic medicine ( oldest Indian natural medicine). It’s natural aroma promotes a nourishing, antioxidant action for a healthy and radiant complexion.
  • tripeptide cream— age-defensive moisturizer: apply to face and neck every morning. It’s meant to protect the skin from pollution, leaving it firmer and well-hydrated all day.
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