Colche’s Closet

Some of you may be asking what is “Colche?” The name “Colche” is a sweet way of saying my name in Macedonian.

Friends of mine would say I have a lot of clothes… and they aren’t wrong… BUT at the same time, my size hasn’t changed much since I was a teenager, so through the years I have kept A LOT of my clothing. I’m not going to lie though, I do LOVE to shop. My family also recognizes my passion for fashion and so, my Nonno (Italian Grandfather) transformed my old bedroom into a custom dream closet.

I would define my style as trendy with a little edge, professional when it needs to be, and sexy when the event calls for it. I really like to mix and match high end pieces with affordable pieces. So here are my 10 Essentials you’ll need this season.

Clothing From:

Pink Tartan 
Nando Muzi
Steve Madden
Forever 21

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